Care Cleansing of Jewelry
30 Jul

We are very familiar with the fact that after a time jewelry becomes dull and loses its shine.The reason behind this is that the jewelry is being exposed to dust, pollution, water, soap, shampoo, lotions, serums etc. All these elements make jewelry dull and lusterless. But, there are easy DIY remedies and care for Jewelry to prevent it from being dull and keep it shine for a long time.


Wear imitation jewelry after applying lotions and perfume don’t spray perfumes on jewelry. Keep your jewelry clean and dry. Moisture makes jewelry piece tarnish. Remove all your jewelry before bathing. Fashion jewelry is meant for occasional wear, do not wear it unnecessary to prevent it from lack of luster. Never apply nail polish coats on jewelry, it may lead to peeling off the plating of jewelry. Clean your jewelry before storing it carefully. Store each jewelry piece separately to prevent it from getting scratch. Store jewelry in Air Tight or Zip Locks to preserve polish of jewelry for a longer time. Keep your pearls in linen cloth jewelry box or covered with soft cloth while storing to maintain shine and quality of the pearls. While storing your jewellery, try to wrap each piece in anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass cloth. Anti-tarnish paper will maintain the shine of the jewellery. Inspect your jewellery at regular intervals to ensure that it isn’t tarnished